Brighter Blooms Cold Hardy Avocado 1-2 Delic Spring new work Ft. Exotic Tree $55 Brighter Blooms Cold Hardy Avocado Tree, 1-2 Ft. | Exotic, Delic Patio, Lawn Garden Gardening Lawn Care Plants, Seeds Bulbs,Ft.,|,1-2,Avocado,Hardy,Delic,Exotic,,Patio, Lawn Garden , Gardening Lawn Care , Plants, Seeds Bulbs,Blooms,Cold,Tree,,/Anthemis568568.html,$55,Brighter,Ft.,|,1-2,Avocado,Hardy,Delic,Exotic,,Patio, Lawn Garden , Gardening Lawn Care , Plants, Seeds Bulbs,Blooms,Cold,Tree,,/Anthemis568568.html,$55,Brighter Brighter Blooms Cold Hardy Avocado 1-2 Delic Spring new work Ft. Exotic Tree $55 Brighter Blooms Cold Hardy Avocado Tree, 1-2 Ft. | Exotic, Delic Patio, Lawn Garden Gardening Lawn Care Plants, Seeds Bulbs

Brighter Blooms Cold Genuine Hardy Avocado 1-2 Delic Spring new work Ft. Exotic Tree

Brighter Blooms Cold Hardy Avocado Tree, 1-2 Ft. | Exotic, Delic


Brighter Blooms Cold Hardy Avocado Tree, 1-2 Ft. | Exotic, Delic


Product Description

Avocados: creamy, full of flavor and totally healthful. There’s a lot to love when it comes to this nutritious and delicious fruit. And now you can grow your own avocados, right at home. How? Enter the Cold Hardy Avocado Tree.

Most avocado trees need warm, tropical-like weather to thrive. But because the Cold Hardy Avocado tolerates temperatures down to 20 degrees, it can be grown outside, year-round, in USDA zones 8 through 11.

But if you’re located outside these zones, you can still have your very own Cold Hardy Avocado Tree because they thrive in containers on the patio or indoors. Exotic fruit, no matter the weather? Check.

So, the Cold Hardy Avocado Tree really ticks all the boxes of a backyard or home-bound botanical. As we mentioned, it grows anywhere in the country as a patio or house plant. Plus, it makes a great gift (or is ideal for keeping for yourself), especially since it provides a lifetime of your favorite fruit – up to 50 pounds, each year. Homemade guacamole or restaurant-quality avocado toast is just a click away.

And though their taste is reason enough to buy, their health benefits mean avocados pull double duty. Based on a study by the American Heart Association, the rich, buttery flesh of avocados is high in monounsaturated fats, which help lower LDL cholesterol levels. Avocados are also rich in fiber and other nutrients to keep you as happy and healthful as your tree. Or, if you need a potassium pick-me-up, reach for an avocado instead of your morning banana, since they have up to 60 percent more potassium!

Last but not least, the Cold Hardy Avocado Tree is a beacon of beauty. Good looks and great taste: this powerful tree has it all. Whether it’s planted in your garden or perched on your patio, it attracts attention with the rich green hues of both its foliage and fruit.

Beautiful bounties, happy, healthful and right at home, wherever you’re located. Order your own Cold Hardy Avocado Tree today!

1-2 feet tall in 1 gallon 2-3 feet tall in 1 gallon 3-4 feet tall in 3 gallon 4-5 feet tall in 3 gallon
Pot Size 1 Gallon 1 Gallon 3 Gallon 3 Gallon
Height 1-2 ft. Tall 2-3 ft. Tall 3-4 ft. Tall 4-5 ft. Tall
Benefit Great for gifting Indoor decor focal point Instant lush greenery Even faster fruit
Expect fruit in 5 years 3-4 years 2-3 years 1 year
Grafted for more fruit production? ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Outdoor Care

Cold Hardy Avocado TreeCold Hardy Avocado Tree

Climate and Placement

Though it’s relatively low-maintenance, your Cold Hardy Avocado Tree needs a good start. Proper care will make all the difference when it comes to its longevity and productivity.

Container planting: Use a 24-inch pot so that your Cold Hardy Avocado Tree has plenty of growing room, and fill your container with soilless potting mix specifically formulated for citrus or avocado trees. When temperatures dip into the low 50s during autumn, move your container-planted tree indoors for the winter. Prime locales include solariums, sunrooms, or heated greenhouses. But you can also place your Cold Hardy Avocado Tree in front of a sun-soaked window.

Grower’s Tip: Your Cold Hardy Avocado Tree may drop some of its leaves when it’s moved indoors for the winter. It’s simply reacting to lower light levels or dry air, so don’t be alarmed.

Outdoor planting: To start, find a location in your that gets at least 8 hours of full sunlight each day, preferably on the South side of your house or yard. Once you’ve planted your tree according to its planting directions, it’s important to water, fertilize and prune properly.

Furthermore, you may live in a climate that is in-between the Cold Hardy Avocado’s winter survivability. For example, you may be located in a marginal band between Zone 8b and 9a, or you may be located in a colder microclimate in Zone 9. Using the following tips, you can push the cold-hardiness envelope to bolster your tree’s winter resilience:

-Wrap strings of incandescent (non-LED) holiday lights around your tree to keep it warm. Ensure first that the lights are designed for outdoor use. Once you’ve purchased the proper lights, weave them through the branches thickly. Turn on your lights when temperatures drop to around 40 degrees.

-For even more protection, cover your lighted trees with frost/freeze cloth or sheets, which will warm plants an additional 4 to 8 degrees. Place these coverings so that they extend to the ground, weighing them down with bricks or anchoring with U-shaped landscape pins. Keep in mind that you should remove the covering when temperatures heat up during the day and re-cover plants before nightfall.

Watering and Soil

Cold Hardy Avocado Tree on PatioCold Hardy Avocado Tree on Patio
Cold Hardy AvocadosCold Hardy Avocados

Water Schedule

Your Cold Hardy Avocado Tree flourishes in moist (but not oversaturated) soil. Its root system is fairly shallow, with most of the roots contained in the upper 8 inches of soil, so watering should include frequent, small amounts of water. Young Cold Hardy Avocado Trees must be watered often after transplanting so their roots stay hydrated.

Soil, Fertilizer and Mulching

It’s essential that your soil has good drainage so your avocado trees’ roots don't rot. If your garden soil is compacted, loosen it by tilling or spading and incorporate organic amendments, such as compost, to a depth of around 12 inches. Ensure that you treat the entire planting area.

"p" Your tree performs best in soils with a pH of 6.2 to 6.5, and they experience sensitivity as the soil pH approaches 7.0. Take a soil sample to your local Cooperative Extension Service to determine your soil’s pH and receive recommendations about adjusting the pH, if necessary.

"p" Fertilizer: Wait until the next season, after planting, to begin a fertilizer regimen. A rule of green thumb is that your tree needs a half to 1 pound of nitrogen each year. Other nutrients, such as phosphorus, potassium and zinc, should be applied according to your soil test recommendations. However, you can use synthetic fertilizer or an organic equivalent in formulations, which include liquid, granular or slow-release products.

"p" Mulch: Because your tree’s root system is shallow, a 2 or 3-inch layer of organic mulch from the trunk (but not piled against the trunk) to the drip line (which is the outer reach of the leaves) helps protect the plant’s roots and conserve moisture. Shredded leaves or bark mulch work nicely for mulching as well.

Pruning and Harvest

Avocado Trees"noscript"Avocado Trees
"p" Pruning

"p" Cold Hardy Avocado Trees don't require intensive pruning for fruit production, but you may want to shape your trees for a more manageable size, especially if you're growing your trees in containers. When you place your container-grown trees outside during spring, cut back a few of the top branches to the trunk, leaving the lower branches intact.


Your grafted Cold Hardy Avocado Tree typically bears fruit the third or fourth year after its transplanted. The fruit is ready to harvest in late summer through autumn, from August to October, and mature trees in the ground may produce up to 300 avocados per tree! Plus, since these trees are alternate-bearers, you'll get a large crop one year that's followed by a smaller crop the next year.

And you can maximize the fruiting potential of your Cold Hardy Avocado Tree if you plant another tree (different variety or cultivar) nearby because of the cross-pollination benefit. Make sure you keep your tree fertilized according to soil test recommendations, but don't apply excessive fertilizer in the hope of a bigger crop – your tree may produce more leaves instead of additional fruit.

"p" Harvesting: Don’t wait for the fruit to ripen on the tree because avocados soften after they've been harvested. When temperatures begin cooling in the late summer to autumn, watch the skins on the fruits. They'll turn a slightly darker shade of green, with very small flecks of brown color. Fruit that’s ready to pick will pull fairly easily from the stem to make picking effortless.

Pick one of the avocados and store it at room temperature (your kitchen counter is a prime spot). After several days, the fruit should soften a bit, signaling that it’s time for a taste test. If this first fruit doesn't quite pass, let the other fruits still on the tree mature a bit more before picking the next one. You'll quickly learn what's ‘just right’ when it comes to harvesting your Cold Hardy Avocados.

Brighter Blooms Cold Hardy Avocado Tree, 1-2 Ft. | Exotic, Delic

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